Why Us?

We offer to you our 30 years of experience involving assessing process and procedures, creation and improvements; workflow and process assessment to improve performance and communications between dependencies, cross-group and partner collaboration; internal, external and international customer relations management; scheduling of projects and prioritization of deliverables including localization scheduling and managing international workforces; scope, schedule, cost, risk, quality, customer expectations and satisfaction.

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What We Do

With so many coaches, tutors, and consultants out there to pick from, you have many options yet not all of them have our 30 years of success. We’re dedicated to pointing you to the opportunities right for you and your business to succeed!

  •     Process Improvement

One-on-one coaching, live and online personal instructional resources and tools to foster learning at a pace and level suited for your success!

  •    Tutoring & Coaching

Online and in person education in a structured environment with explicit purposed focused on your success!

  •    Continuing Education

To be successful in a dynamic, diverse, information-intensive world, you must encourage, support and engage yourself in effective, lifelong personal and professional development to successfully advance!

  •     Project Management

How We Do It

We personally work with you both online and offline, providing you unsurpassed enthusiastic support aligned to your success!
Our dedication to your success shows in everything we do!

Who We’ve Helped

         Teams at Microsoft we’ve brought success to include:
            Office 365, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Office, SQL, Exchange,
            SharePoint, SharePoint Online, MSN, Xbox, and Bing Maps.