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ProjecTutor Professional Development

Victor Pearson, PMP, CSM

ProjecTutor Professional Development is owned and operated by Victor E. Pearson. Victor holds the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification from PMI, and is a Certified ScrumMaster with a Black Belt of Six Sigma Methodology. He has over 30 years of project management experience involving process and procedure creation and improvements; workflow and process assessment to improve performance and communications between dependencies, cross-group and partner collaboration; internal, external and international customer relations management; scheduling of projects and prioritization of deliverables including localization scheduling and managing international workforces; scope, schedule, cost, risk, quality, customer expectations and satisfaction.

Victor is adept at leadership including leading, coaching, mentoring and managing people and scheduling resources. Victor’s DiSC® personality style (iD) is very adapt to leading, mentoring, tutoring, coaching, and encouraging others. For over 20 years he has successfully managed, led, and directed teams of Software Developers, Software Design Engineers/Test, Program Managers, and Operation Engineers at Microsoft. With his leading, coaching, mentoring, tutoring, teaching and instructing skills, Victor is someone who has and can successfully lead, teach, tutor and instruct through his demonstrated communication skills both verbal and in and preparing and giving presentations and has formally (and informally) successfully presented and taught information to small and large business owners, employees, customers, both national and international including corporate Vice Presidents, General Managers, Product Unit Managers, and Teams at Microsoft, AlliedSignal and others.

Through ProjecTutor Professional Development, Victor wants to assist you in advancing your personal and professional life using his successful personal and professional experience, skills, knowledge, personality and his love of Jesus Christ. Victor enjoys using his 20+ years of Microsoft work experience, coaching skills, knowledge and proficiency in communication, project management, leadership and his experience working with national and international teams to assist people in their personal and professional life; helping them improve their skills, better their relationships, and increase their accomplishments all while they learn how to be successful being themselves.

To be successful in a dynamic, diverse, information-intensive world, you must encourage, support and engage yourself in effective, lifelong personal and professional development to successfully advance yourself and your business no matter at what level of the organization you reside.
Ask about how you can invest in personal professional development today for your future success.

Teams at Microsoft that Victor has worked on include: Office 365, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Office, SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, SharePoint Online, MSN, Xbox, and Bing Maps.

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