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We Want You to have a Competitive Advantage Over Everyone Else!

We want to help you assess your life and professional situations with a greater degree of honesty, curiosity, empathy, and compassion. We want you to be successful and feel alive and well at home and on the job! We want you to have a competitive advantage over everyone else in life and on the job!

To be successful and feel alive at home and on the job, you need to be doing something you truly enjoy. This means you being you all the time at home and at work. It means the work you do doesn’t feel like you are doing work. You should ideally feel a sense of your values aligning together in both your life and at work bringing to you a genuine sense of gratification and fulfillment. Yet, we know that this fallen word is not ideal. So, we work with you to get you to as close to ideal as can possible be so that you can derive the utmost fulfillment from your life and work.

What to expect from ProjecTutor Coaching Services

Our clients can expect and assured that all discussions and interactions are confidential between you (the client) and ProjecTutor. Our clients can reasonably expect to gain career confidence, insight, encouragement, and inspiration. You should also feel as if our coaching relationship grants you some permission to relax a bit. For example, a job search can create a fair amount of anxiety, fear and vulnerability in people, and we often work with clients to unwrap those emotions so they can better understand how these factors may be keeping them stuck in their careers.

Coaching Services We Offer

Comprehensive Career Assessment

To move forward, you must step back and reflect on who you are now, where you are now, how you got here, and figure out where you want to go. This includes an in-depth analysis of personality style, key interests, values, and strengths.

Personal Branding

Managing your career is a self-promotion process. Most of us do not like self-promoting. Yet, you cannot stand out in the crowd if you do not self-promote and you cannot self-promote if you do now know what you stand for and against. We help you clarify who you are and your value and help you convey your message on paper, online, and in person.


Resumes of yesterday do not work in today’s job market. We have knowledge of what it takes to make your resume stand out with recruiters and applicant tracking systems. We help you make your resume stand out in the crowd to hiring managers.

Interview Preparation

Today’s job market is highly competitive and every job interview counts. We help you prepare for your job interview by actually interviewing you and offering valuable feedback that you will not necessarily get from anyone else.

Individual Coaching

Hate your job? Need an objective voice to discuss your job or career challenges and goals? We help you gain a fresh insights and perspective providing you with greater clarity and direction leaving you more empowered to make a successful move.


When you come to a roadblock in your career, you need to step back and assess yourself. In our comprehensive process, we will look at your career and life history, personal barriers, personality style, values, interests, skills. (Includes career and personality testing; MBTI, DISC, RHETI, and proprietary exercises).

How ProjecTutor Coaching Services Works

ProjecTutor Coaching Services do not follow a prescribed, pre-packaged plan but rather create a customized program for you which gives you exactly what you need, nothing more and will help you succeed in both your life and career. Our coaching and counseling approach goal is to support and encourage you to make informed decisions about your life and career development and trajectory.

For your life, we hope to help you discover who you are and how you can be you. For our career, we work to pinpoint the kind of work and workplaces that are the best fit for you.

Our “coaching” involves a solution-orientated approach in working with you to see what concrete steps you can take to achieve your life and career goals. Our “counseling” is more process driven; via personality tests we help you discover who you are and look at whether there are any behavioral, emotional, or psychological issues that could be impeding your desired life and career ambitions and help you work through any holding you back from success.

Partnering with you, we discuss your life and career goals to help you:

· Accomplish your life and career* and job goals
· Discover who you are and how you can improve your life and carry out your career and job goals
· Work through the options before you to help you succeed in life and in your career
· Pinpoint the kind of work and workplaces that are the best fit for you
*We also help with your résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, etc. to assist in meeting career goals.

Areas where ProjecTutor Coaching Services can assist you include:

· Discovering your personality traits and how to best use them in life and on the job
· Identifying your values, interests, and skills using career assessments
· Recognizing your career ‘pain’ or unhappiness to help you get unstuck
· Exploring new career paths and opportunities
· Investigating specific professions and/or industries
· Planning and executing a job search campaign
· Understanding how to optimize and utilize your social media
· Creating resumes and cover letters that open doors
· Turning interviews into job offers
· Achieving a promotion and other career advancements
· Managing work politics and challenging work relationships
· Working on difficult personal relationships

Three Top Misconceptions about Career Coaching include:

· A well-done résumé is all you need to conduct an effective job search and land a job
· Career coaches will actually find you a job
· You only have to attend a single career-coaching session … and all your life and job challenges will be resolved

While we do our best to help you succeed, we cannot do it for you. You are responsible for your actions and decisions. All actions, inactions, decisions, and indecisions have consequences. If all you do is create a great well-done résumé and decide to not put into place and have an effective job search, then the consequences of your decision of inaction is that you come out with only a great well-done résumé and no job. ProjecTutor is not in the business of job placement. While we will help you discover the kind of work and workplaces you best fit and aid you in preparation for getting a job, it is up to you to go out and find and get the job.

While you will gain a great deal from a single career-coaching session or two though, in all reality, it takes about eight to 14+ hours of career counseling for a typical client to begin internalizing and routinely implementing the key benefits of career coaching for a complete career change. The good news is that you don’t have to sign-up for more than one career-coaching session to start finding out how career coaching can help you have a competitive advantage over everyone else in life and on the job.

Who Benefits from Career Coaching?

Career coaching can be helpful at every point of someone’s professional path and everyone who wants to go further in their career can benefit from career coaching.

Career Coaching Benefits People:

· During job searches by helping alleviate job-search anxiety
· Who hate their job and don’t know what else to do
· Who have no idea what they can do with the skills and knowledge they have
· Who need help pinpointing what exactly they want to do—and helps show them how to get there

Career coaching in the early years of college or immediately post-college can put you on more solid footing—not just with a well-crafted résumé and a suitable career path, but also with a mindset that helps you understand that the career path of today is not as direct as it might have been in generations past.

How long will it take?

The number of and duration of coaching-sessions (by Skype/telephone or other arrangement) will vary based on what you want to accomplish.

Typical goals and time frames*:

· One career issue: 1- 4 hours
· Job interview preparation: 1-4 hours
· Resume / Personal Branding: 1-4+ hours
· Job change: 6-10+ hours
· Career change: 8-14+ hours
· Social Media for Job Search (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook): 1-5 hours
          *Personality tests you take do not count towards coaching-session time, reviewing their results with us does.

In most cases, people are more successful if they work with a career coach over time in an ongoing coaching arrangement. We will work with you on scheduling ongoing coaching arrangements as you want.

Why Hire Us

· We have 20+ years successfully working at Microsoft (Office, O365, Windows, Windows Phone, Exchange, SQL, MSN, Bing, SharePoint, Xbox) as full-time employee (FTE) and consultant (Vendor).

· During 20+ years at Microsoft, we have seen hundreds of resumes and have been in dozens of Microsoft interview loops on both sides; the interviewee and interviewer.

· We have coached and mentored dozens of Microsoft employees and helped them improve their job performance and develop their carrier path.

· We have hired and fired employees and can help you understand each process.

· We were at Microsoft a hiring manager and “as appropriate” (the key person in the Microsoft interview loop).

· We are Microsoft trained as hiring manager and “as appropriate.”

· We have worked with the top 100 Microsoft Premier Enterprise customers from entry-level to CEO and understand what they are looking for to get what they need done. We know how to help you show them that you can provide what they need done.

· We are dedicated to your success!

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