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Welcome to ProjecTutor Professional Development!

My name is Victor Pearson. I founded ProjecTutor in 2010. I have over 30 years’ experience in helping individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses develop success in their business and personal lives. Through ProjecTutor, my focus is finding areas where you and your business could be more productive and successful and then helping you develop the path to get there.

I love sharing what I have learned with those who are eager to grow and learn. I’m guessing that you are a successful, high-achiever committed to winning at work and succeeding in life. Like me, you are looking to improve yourself and hopefully leave a positive and lasting impact on those whom you encounter in life.

At ProjecTutor, our dedication is helping you succeed. Whether you need help with project planning through our consulting services, need back office training, need to change up your game to higher-level job interview performance, or coaching to get up that next step, we want to help make you successful.

Get Going in the Right Direction

I know how it feels to be without direction. When I was growing up, I didn’t know what it was that I would do with my life. Nor did I know what my career in life would be. I went to school and did well but, not as well as I could have. When at work I did well but, didn’t always enjoy the work I was doing. I didn’t have a clue to what I wanted to do nor how I was going to find it.

It wasn’t until my late 20s when a few friends and some family members and I went through my likes and dislikes that I got an idea of what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until after two years of working third shift on a glass factory floor that the light came on for me to see and take action. With ProjecTutor, I hope to help you see the light that’s shining for you and help bring you to action so that you can get on the road to being the most successful you can be.

Top priorities in life means placing your relationship with God first, next comes your health, marriage, friends, church, community contributions, work, etc. Until you put these top priorities in proper order, your success will not peek.

ProjecTutor’s Goal

Using my successful personal and professional experience, skills, knowledge, personality and my love of Jesus Christ, my goal with ProjecTutor is to assist you in advancing your personal and professional life. Drawing on my 20+ years of Microsoft work experience, I will share with you my coaching skills, knowledge and proficiency in communication, project management and leadership. Through my experience working with national and international teams, I hope to assist your growth in your personal and professional life and help you improve your skills and improve your relationships, and increase your accomplishments. By sharing with you what did and didn’t work for me, I hope to help you learn how to be successful being yourself.

Who is ProjecTutor For?

ProjecTutor is for people and businesses who:

Want to be more successful

Want to better understand themselves and learn how to be more successful

Want to learn more about project management and how using project management can help make them successful

Want to learn how to use Microsoft Office Applications

Want coaching to improve their job interview skills

Want tutoring in how to improve their job resume

Are on a budget yet want top notch services, training, coaching, tutoring, and more

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ProjecTutor Products and Services

ProjecTutor offers several commercial products and services.

Commercial products include books, and specialized applications.

Services include personal coaching and tutoring; website creation and hosting.

ProjecTutor also offers consulting services.

Consulting services include processes/procedure assessments, recommendations, and implementation; database reporting and custom applications.

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Let’s Get Started!

If you provide intention, I’ll be your mentor and will help motivate you. I’m looking forward to you and I starting to work together to help us both be more successful at work and in life!

Our dedication is to your success!

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Cordially yours,

Victor Pearson, PMP, CSM

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